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Whats broken??!?!?!

Over the night, more and more people commented on the no_route ticket mentioned yesterday. We saw that @tgalal was working hard on yowsup but somehow he isn't giving feedback on the registration bug.

When sit together and talking about this, we decided that the broken registration is a show stopper and we need about alternatives.

It seemed that Androids uiautomatorviewer is the way to go. From our past we know that working with the Android Emulator isn't that nice for newbees (specially if you need to reboot the device often). Anyway we saw the Challenge and started installing the Android SDK, booted the Emulator and installed WhatsApp on it.

And hell, yeah! The uiautomatorviewer was able to parse the emulators screen give us needed ui elements content.

Image of our UiAutomatorViewer

Okay, the screenshot was black, but the ui structure was visible and showing its texts.

But then the next challenge started, how to remotecontrol (navigate) this "thing" now? Since we have great Selenium skills, we thought of using the selendroid library to do this. But before going to deep into Android development we had the idea to register manual (on the phone) and then continue using yowsup.

Sounds easy, but the simple solutions we found required us to have a rooted android phone. So we tried to root our Android Emulator but it wasn't possible on windows (at least for us). Luckly we found this article telling us how to access the emulators disk to download WhatsApps highly secured passwordfile and read it. :)

That enabled us to send and receive messages over the yowsup-cli.

Okay, that wasn't the full story. We need also to apply this awesome bugfix (we will not share it with the public of course :): Image of our s/rase/print/g

The said story of the day is that the yowsup-cli provides group interaction in the "interactive" mode only. Now the question is how to continue?