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On thursday the first huzzle started. In the evening I tried to prepare yowsup (the inoffical WhatsApp library written in python) to focus on java when we meet the next time. But already at the installation of the library I got (for a java devs) strange "Tracebacks".

The solution, ... sudo apt-get install python python-dateutil python-argparse python-setuptools ... was easy, (if you know it :) ), some common dependencies where missing on my pc.

But it was worth it, I think our comment lead into this commit:

So our project had the first public benefit :).

But that was not everything.

Once was installed, the first step you need to execute failed because of an no_route error. The disappointing thing was, that we found a ticket that was filed Nov. 19th and is still not solved.

But who said it should be easy...?

P.S.: My real huzzle was that I'm working on OSX and tried on the same day(s) Docker and Vagrant to get a nice Ubuntu Enviorment to play with :) -cough-