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Let's do a Mockup. Damn, it! How are we gonna name this thing?

Today we meet the first time to kick-off the project. We roughly talked about the things we can demonstrate with this idea and made a small analyses which API-Calls we need. When we thought we have everything, we start implementing a first mock in Java.

The list of things we could show looks like this:

Our app will (hopfully :) )..., * be a neat and sweat backend service (focus on spring boot, not on UI) * have a decent business layer (not too much to program) * talk/integration another services (advantage of Spring) * be possible to deploy at Cloud-Foundary (or smth. similiar) * be easy to test for the judges (common requierement) * solve a real problem (personal requierment)

Our first API draft looks like this:

Image of our API 1 Image of our API 2

*But, * when we start mocking, the first problem hit us, - How are we going to call our baby?

We tought about the goal of the project (finding dates) in combination with the servers we are coupled with, - WhatApp. Since we use doodle to organize our LaserTag events (ya, thats we the nerds will joins and we can use tools like this, ...) we combined 1 and 1. WhatsApp and Doodle is: Whoodle. Later we recongnized the Whoodle is a dog breed so we renamed it to:

-- VotesApp :)

After mocking the java side (where we know our challanges) we start searching for the WhatsApp integration. Since this is not what the contest is about, we hoped for a java libary that has a nice API and is easy to use.

The good news was, we found the yowsup api which sounds promising (1,5k stars), the "not so good" news was, it's written in Python and doesn't have an easy to use webservice (by now).

Today we also got the offical "go" to join the contest in a team, - yeye :)