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There is a contest

Today we saw the contest and immediately kicked-off an e-mail brainstorming on our mailing list. We ask our friends who like to join the competition and who has ideas which things currently suck and we could try to do better in a small project like this. Within a few emails the idea of an WhatsApp Group Voting tool was born. Looking to the contest judge characteristics (sweat and neat, popularity, ...) we saw the chance to join the competition.

Our identified Painpoint

Every week we organize in a WhatsApp group how many people like to join our private soccer event. Thats quite hard because you have to scroll though the history and check who likes to attend. This screenshot shows an real example ("Bin dabei"="I'm in", "Ich auch"="Me too"):

Image of our Painpoint

The Solution:

When we are done, you can inviate a Bot into your WhatsApp Group that counts keywords (like "Bin dabei" or "I'm in") and then posts a summary when it gets asked (like Status or Status In).

Image of our Solution

From some local radio stations we know that there are using WhatsApp for TrafficJam reports. So there should be an easy way to get this messages (we thought...).