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It's deployed!

Since today it's the full stack is deployed.

Now your can invite our Test-Number ( +49 1577 0658227 ) into your groups to start some votes.

Basics votes (and some eastereggs) are supported, see:

Image of our Solution

Currently you can use the following (essential) instructions:

Or this (nice to have) stuff:

Why it took so long?

Within the last three days we had strange encoding problems within our deployed python application. It wasn't really clear whether where the problem is comes from. We had serval differences (OS, Python-Version, Virtualisation) between our development machine and the server. The final solution was quite easy, we just need to set the locale correct. The identification wasn't obvious because the application was running in an docker container and you need to find the right command to execute locale in our enviorment it's: docker exec -i -t yourName bash.

I think we describe the full stack more detailed in the next days. We wil also try to make a plugin API (using Spring-Plugin) to support 3rd Party commands :)

Happy testing!