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Hello Reactor? Can we vote?

As usual there is a good news and a bad news. Let's start with the bad one, because we learned that the last thing you, tell stays in our minds :)

Bad News: We still have some huzzle with the Python Backend. But we think we can finish it by tomorrow and then fully concentrate on the contest`s goal (Java/Spring Boot)!

Good News: To avoid having nothing by now, we added a simple "ConsoleClient" to fake the WhatsApp Service. That gets loaded when the "yowsup" Profile isn't active. For this we utilized the ! operator within the @Profile-Annotation.

Image of Not in Profiles

With this we can have our first vote, which proofs that some logic is already working:

Image of our first vote

To do so, we decided to remove the interfaces we had previously between our API and WhatsApp and use reactor instead.

The "Bridge" between our "ConsoleClient" and Reactor looks like this:

Reactor Example

We are looking forward to do more stuff on the Java site within the next days.